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Map and Plan Measuring

Plan Wheel

Scalex Plan Wheel Instantly measures plans and blueprints in any scale.
Just select the built-in scale factor to match the plan and roll the PlanWheel. Buy Plan Wheel

Map Wheel

Scalex Map Wheel Map Wheel provide a simple, fast and accurate way to measure distances on maps, whether in straight lines or along curves. Instantly measures distances in miles, kilometres or nautical miles. Batteries included. Buy Map Wheel.

Scalelink USB 2

Scale-Link USB2 is the original and industry standard computer-input plan scaler. Includes: PlanWheel XLU2, Ready Connect software, manual, USB cable and Protective Case.

Scalelink Wireless

Scale-Link Wireless is the industry standard wireless computer-input plan scaler. Use remotely or interfaced with your PC. Includes: PlanWheel WL, Ready Connect software, manual, Charging cradle and USB cable, Protective Case and Rechargeable Batteries 2AAA

Scalex Protective Case

Specially designed for the PlanWheel and Map Wheel. Made of high impact ABS, this rugged case provides the protection required on the job. The case can also hold an extra set of batteries.